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Purpose:  The purpose of the field foreman is to represent the interests of OBCI on a specific project for the duration of the project or a specific scope of work.  This individual must possess a high level of technical knowledge/skills associated with the work assigned.  He/she must also be able to lead a crew of union craftsmen, along with subcontractors and suppliers as necessary, to complete the scope of work assigned productively, safely, and according to specifications.

Project Planning

  • Reviews and understands drawings and specs prior to job start and verifies during the duration of the project
  • Participates in job handoff meeting with PM/GS/DM
  • Reviews and understands our scope of work and project cost codes prior to job start
  • Reviews and understands project schedule prior to job start
  • Works with PM and GS to establish long term project plan
  • Establishes short term goals (both daily and weekly)
  • Communicates and coordinates plans and goals with PM and GS
  • Communicates and coordinates plans with customer
  • Attends project scheduling meetings as appropriate
  • Strives to reduce estimate deficiencies and expand opportunities

Project Coordination

  • Communicates all manpower and equipment needs to the GS in a timely manner
  • Orders all required materials in a timely manner and verifies actual quantities
  • Works and cooperates with GS to resolve resource conflicts
  • Works and cooperates with PM to resolve customer-related conflicts
  • Determines most efficient use of available resources
  • Directs and coordinates our labor and subcontractors
  • Directs and coordinates material deliveries, unloading, staging, etc.

Project Documentation

  • Daily completes accurate crew timekeeping and quantities
  • Completes daily written report noting information requested by management
  • Completes extra work documentation as required
  • Completes “New Hire” documentation as required
  • Complete additional documentation as required by customer, management & etc.
  • Notes measuring and logging daily production from crew
  • Supports and abides by all company policies and policy initiatives
  • Maintains up-to-date project documents; review & incorporate into jobsite documents & all revisions provided by customer and/or PM
  • Assists PM with post-job analysis
  • Takes pictures daily to verify progress
  • Provides complete documentation of all issues to be communicated with GS

Project Safety

  • Anticipates and addresses potential job safety hazards
  • Works and cooperates with safety director
  • Communicates accident prevention plan(s) to crew
  • Abides and enforces company and project safety policies
  • Promotes culture of safety awareness and accident prevention
  • Ensures active locates (JULIE’s)
  • Aware of where to treat locations for the project
  • Recognizes personnel misconduct and alerts Safety Director, GS, DM and PM.

Crew Oversight

  • Communicates daily plans and goals to crew and subs
  • Monitors crew performance (safety, quality and productivity) to ensure that appropriate standards are met
  • Addresses and attempts to correct unacceptable behavior and performance
  • Reports ongoing or serious crew problems to GS and/or VP of Operations
  • Assists management in developing new and existing labor talent
  • Advises DM/GS as to the performance of crew members
  • Distributes paychecks to crew members
  • Strives to properly place crew members based on skillset
  • Reinforces positive achievements and positive attitudes of crew

Skills/Minimum Qualifications:

  • Membership of the Carpenter Union (preferred trade)
  • Valid Driver’s License

To apply for this job please visit ottobaum-keystyle.viewpointforcloud.com.