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Illinois Central College is seeking a qualified individual to provide lecture and laboratory instruction and student support activities for a new Construction Management program.

Essential Functions

This list is meant to be representative, not exhaustive. Some incumbents may not perform all the duties listed while in other cases related duties may also be assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

* Provide construction management students with appropriate college-level instruction and hands-on experiences that allow them to advance through certificates and/or an associate of applied science degree in Construction Management.
* Organize courses of practical and technical instruction including the demonstration of the skills required by the industry, lectures on safety, theory, practices, methods, processes and terminology.
* Instruct students in the areas of construction methods and materials, safety, computer-aided drafting (CAD), building information modeling (BIM), construction plans and specifications, construction estimating, and/or surveying.
* Plan and supervise the work of students in the classroom and laboratories.
* Evaluate the progress of students’ technical knowledge and skills.
* Assist in ordering equipment, materials, and supplies for instruction.
* Meet with corporate partners, advisory council members, and other colleagues to develop new curriculum to improve courses or add to existing programs.
* Follow College corporate procedures, rules, and regulations for safe operation and practice.
* Ensure the equipment functions safely, properly, and meets requirements.
* Be able to work on a team with full-time adjunct faculty and staff members.
* Perform related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to satisfactorily perform the essential duties and responsibilities.
* Diversity Statement: Illinois Central College is committed to ensuring every student is presented with opportunities that make them feel they belong here and have made the right choice. In your teaching philosophy, be sure to include examples and explanation of how you make students from diverse backgrounds feel included and that they belong at your institution and how you would continue to do so at ICC.
* Associate degree or higher in Construction Management or related field plus 2000 hours of work experience in construction management or related field.
* Ability to instruct students by explaining, demonstrating and overseeing their exercises and giving advice on the immediate topic.
* Strong verbal and written communication skills.
* Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to establish and maintain cooperative and professional working relationships with others.

Preferred Qualifications

* Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management or related field.
* Five years’ experience in teaching construction management at the college level.
* Two years’ experience as a trainer in construction management or related area.

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