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Regular Member
General Contractors, Design Builders and Construction Managers

Associate Member

Contributing Member
Companies engaged in business as a supplier of materials, financial services or consulting services for the construction industry

Labor Assistance with Collective Bargaining

GPCSA and the GPCSA Labor Committee assist contractors with labor relations and the negotiation of labor contracts within agreed areas. Many contractor/labor issues are resolved by simple consultation with the Association saving potential litigation costs.

Plan Room and Bid Opportunities

Members can subscribe to GPCSA’s online plan room to access everything they need to know about construction projects in our Central Illinois area. This includes new projects, current projects, and project addendums.

Professional Development

GPCSA provides multiple training opportunities for today’s construction needs. This includes Safety programs, OSHA record keeping, STRIVE Conference, labor relations, new technology, professional seminars, and more.


From social events to the annual world-class STRIVE conference, GPCSA offers considerable opportunities for members to rub elbows with construction managers, project managers, general contractors, specialty / sub-contractors, owners, engineers, architects, attorneys, suppliers, and developers. GPCSA membership represents a broad spectrum of people interested in advancing the construction industry. 

Legislative and Political Awareness

Up-to-date legislative news relative to the construction industry is provided to the membership through regular newsletters and email announcements. GPCSA is an active member of the Illinois Construction Industry Committee (ICIC) which employs top-level lobbyists who advocate for the interests and benefit of local Illinois contractors.

Connected to Community

As an organization GPCSA is committed to the Greater Peoria area and actively involved in multiple community/area organizations, keeping the construction industry in the forefront and mind of community leaders. Ultimately, these relationships create an important avenue of support for the industry.

Training Room

Training Rooms are available for members to reserve at no charge. Call 309-692-5710 or email the office to make your reservation today.


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